Our Commitment

Hard Chrome Plating

When it comes to customer commitment, RNJ Hardchrome is hyper-focused to give our customers what they need. At RNJ Hardchrome, we will always endevour to meet reasonable and in some cases, difficult deadlines. Our work is exceptional, with over 22 years in the business and having run previous chroming plants, this family run business is quickly making its mark as leaders in the chroming industry.

We are specialized hard chrome platers who do chroming, grinding, straightening, polishing, breakdowns and supply chrome stock. You will find our pricing highly competitive and our service remarkable.

At RNJ Hardchrome we will strive to be highly responsive to customers' needs, supplying superior chroming, grinding and polishing services in the most efficient time and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We respect the dignity and worth of each customer, supplier, employee or competitor and encourage the highest level of performance from our employees by providing a challenging and positive environment, supported by comprehensive training and effective leadership.